The Best Cold Press Juicer Brands

A cold press juicer is an essential culinary tool to add to your kitchen collection if you are responsible about your health. It can become an important addition to your health regime if you choose a reliable brand which can serve your juicing needs for years to come. Having cold pressed juice is in itself a great way to cleanse toxins out from your body and acts a gateway for you to choose healthier food and lifestyle options in terms of fitness plans and choices other than just healthier juice. Let us present few of the most trustworthy cold press juicer brands that are known to not disappoint.


In terms of experience and popularity, it is Hurom which takes the cake as it has been in the cold press juicer industry for over forty years and has sold more than one million juicers to about seventy countries. This means that Hurom has years of technological expertise making cold press juicers and is especially reliably known for its vertical cold press juicers. Hurom is known to create high quality, sophisticated, easy to use cold press juicers that you can trust will last for years. Additionally, due to their design simplicity they are not only easy to handle but also easy to clean. Hurom provides quality warranties as an additional element of the trust they’ve built in their customers.


Omega cold press juicers are known for their functionality, versatility, and design. Like Hurom, Omega has been in the juicing industry for several years which again means that it is one of the pioneers in juicers and a brand which customers can and do trust. Omega is also known for its attention to detailed features such as pulp ejection, motor speed, less oxidation etc. which all combine to create a culinary machine which is worth using and to provide juice with maximum nutritional content. Omega juicers are generally also multi-purpose machines which can make juice, nut butter, and baby food. Customers also note that Omega cold press juicers are quiet as compared to other noisier juicing machines.


Kuving, a manufacturing company which has been running since 1978, has been producing quality products in parts of the world and has won awards specifically for its cold press juicers. Known to innovate, Kuving has speedily swept the juicers market with its specifically crafted, versatile, and excellent design cold press juicers. Kuving prides itself in its patented screw which improves upon the screw auger technology already in the market to insure 100% natural juice extraction.


Tribest is another popular juicers company which is in tough competition with some reputable juicer brands such as Omega and Kuving. Tribest is known for including accessories in its juicers such as a number of mincing attachments, different intensity strainers, a variety of plungers, and every other assortment which helps create a customized juicer for your specific needs. Tribest cold press juicers are also low-noise juicers, are durable, and are difficult to break.

Do not forget to research further and read more reviews when selecting which juicer to purchase. We hope that these brand reviews will help you choose the best cold press juicer for your kitchen.

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