Grilling Lamb Steak

Lamb are the greatest source of protein, they are more tender are delicious than beef or chicken. It’s not very common, to cook lamb steak but believe once you will taste them, and you will be blown. They are so juicy, tender and flavorful. To increase, the taste of the lamb steak you must cook them on best gas grills because they will taste good and also their outer crust will get those diamonds shaped seared marks. Today we will discuss the recipe that I learned from my mother to prepare perfect, tender and juicy steak.

First of all, run to your butcher and ask him for a fresh lamb steak, it is a cut from just above the leg that includes the delicious bone running through the center filled with marrow. If butcher is not available then you can even buy the lamb steak from the supermarket. Once you have bought your lamb steak just take your knife and cut very little through the each end as it will stop the lamb steak from buckling so therefore it will be cooked evenly and colors beautifully.

Now, prepare the marinate take a large plastic resealable bag and add little bit of white wine vinegar, a small portion of olive oil and lightly crush parsley, rosemary and a garlic clove with the help of mortar and pestle and add in the plastic bag. Now generously season the steak with salt and pepper and transfer it on the plastic bag, make sure to be generous with pepper, as lamb steak requires more pepper then beef steak. Now mix all of the ingredients in the plastic bag properly, so that all marinate is covered on the steak. Place your steak in the refrigerator for two hours.

Now take you steak out of the refrigerator and let it rest for about twenty minutes so that it attains a room temperature. Meanwhile, start you gas grill. First, check for the gas supply if you are using a natural gas then no need to worry, just turn the gas knob on. However, if you are using a propane tank then check for the propane amount, it should be sufficient enough for the whole grilling process. Now once you are satisfied for the gas, turn the knobs on and ignite the fire with a help of lighter. Once you have started the gas grill, clean the grates of the gas grill and apply oil on them, then turn the heat to high and let the grates get hot for about ten minutes.

Once grates are hot enough and your steak has reached room temperature, turn the heat to medium and lay them on a direct flame horizontally. Then cook for three minutes and the change the angle for the same side and cook again for two minutes. Meanwhile, one side is getting cooked take a rosemary leave and drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on them, and then use them as a brush to apply the oil on the steak. Once a side is done repeat the process.

After your steak is cooked, let them rest for about seven minutes and then enjoy.

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