Everything you should know before buying a food processor

It is a tendency in many people to assume things if they do not know what is right or wrong. You do not have to do that. I know that many people ignore some discs and blades when using food processors simply because they do not know their uses. All the best food processors you buy will come with many parts and each part is meant for a certain and special purpose. Unless you know how to use each and every part then you might never enjoy using the food processor. When you know all the part of this machine then you are able to use it appropriately and benefit more. Here you will find some of those discs and blades of food processor that you do not know about and how to use them.

  1. The Slicing Disk

This is one of the most important among all the discs of the food processor. You will find it seated on the top of your food processor’s bowl. As a result of this, all the items are fed directly through the feed tube then sliced. The slicing disk has many amazing uses that you may not know about. One of them is thinly slicing Brussels sprouts that are meant for sautés or salads. This disc is also important when it comes to vegetables and other items such as potatoes. You can use it to slice thins pieces of zucchini for gratins.

  1. The S-Shaped Blade

I may refer to this one as the most none blade to many people especially those who do not use their food processors so much. Anyway, there is no offense there. This can also be referred to as the Sabatier blade. The Sabatier blade or the S-Shaped blade is a standard blade in the food processor. It is always the most seen blade in the machine. This is because it is mostly used for general purpose. Here are some of the jobs that this blade can be used to do. The blade can mostly be used for average jobs such as churning items such as hummus, pesto and nut butter. When you keep your machine on pulse, this blade will chop and mix the content in the machine. When you put your machine on continuous operation the blades are going to blend the content and puree.

  1. Plastic Dough Blade

This is your best blade for making dough. When you are trying to make dough with other blades such as the S-Shaped blade then it might be just cutting through it rather than actually kneading through it.If you are looking for the right blade to knead through your dough then use the plastic dough blade. It is the superior blade for this purpose. This is because the blade is made of plastic materials which reduces the cutting effect. It also has less number of curved paddles hence ensuring you of efficiency. You can try it on pasta dough.

  1. Shredding Disc

It is the ideal disc used for the purpose of shredding your food. Actually food will always reach this disc before falling on the machine’s bowl. When you feed your food through the food processor’s feed tube the first place is the shredding disc since it is located on top of food processor’s bowl. This disc works by shredding the food before it comes into contact with the bowl. You can use the disc to shred a number of foods such as carrots. It is efficient if you want to make cabbage for your slaw, carrot cake or even crunchy salad by use or broccoli.

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